Thursday, September 14, 2006

MUSIC: Storm The Castle! (Free EP!)

So I've written briefly about Storm The Castle before (here in my indie instrumentals post) but now I'm happy to bring you a whole EP (cleverly titled the Free Of Charge! EP). If pressed to categorize their sound, most folks would say metal, but it's much more than that. Consulting their myspace page, one finds an appropriate description: "Riding a lightning bolt towards victory while simultaneously regretting something horrible you've done". That's about right. Cop some free awesomeness.

::: Storm The Castle - Victory... But At What Cost?
::: Storm The Castle - The Day Roscoe Got His Big Boy Britches
::: Storm The Castle - Lost in the Goddamazon
::: Storm The Castle - Where Is My Crossbow?
::: Storm The Castle - Fire Breathing Sympathy Machine

Official Storm The Castle! website

Storm The Castle! myspace page
Storm The Castle! blog

[Looks like they've got a new t-shirt that's pretty cool since it includes a deep sea diver. Bet you'd be the only kid on the block (outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas) with one of these bad boys.]