Saturday, September 09, 2006

MUSIC: Daytrotter Sessions are Awesome!

One of the more enjoyable stops on a typical internet journey in my world is Daytrotter. Just an excellent website with good stuff done by good people. The prize catch of the whole project is the Daytrotter Sessions..... artists come into their studios in Illinois and record 4 tracks just for us. Recent artists include Bonnie Price Billy, Jennifer O'Connor, Cold War Kids, The Donkeys, Two Gallants, French Kicks, Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown, Casiotone, and many others. Being the bonnie-o-phile that I am, the new session comes to me like an early Christmas gift. Here's a track from that, plus a couple other golden nuggets from their back catalog. Enjoy.

::: Bonnie Prince Billy - New Partner (from Viva Last Blues)
::: Cold War Kids - God Make Up Your Mind (unreleased)
::: Two Gallants - Unititled II (unreleased)

[Photo credit goes to bulldog1.]