Thursday, September 21, 2006


I really like this song by The Whigs (myspace) off their debut release called Give 'Em All a Fat Lip (consequently a pretty good name for an album). Honestly, it's nothing revolutionary, but it's solid and catchy. Sometimes that's all you need. Plus they're from Athens which has a pretty damn good musical pedigree.

::: The Whigs - Technology

The rest of the album is growing on me as well. After so much touring and playing and practicing it looks like their hard work is paying off. Couple of good quotes:

"The Whigs catchy, feel-good, ethereal tunes are both gripping and eclectic, and through their short but storied life as a band, they have truly proven themselves worthy of being one of the bands to watch this decade." - Performer Magazine

"A fiery, young and timelessly tuneful rock trio from Athens, Georgia -- may well be the best unsigned band in America." - Rolling Stone Magazine
(obviously before they signed onto ATO Records)

You can buy the new album for $11 at Insound. They've got free shipping on orders over $30 and if you enter the code "ilovesummer10" at checkout then you get 10% off your order. Lots of good deals.

Official website of The Whigs
The Whigs myspace page

[Download more songs over at The Hype Machine.]
[Photo credit goes to james m.]