Thursday, July 27, 2006

MUSIC: The Polish Ambassador

Really, I have no idea how to classify The Polish Amabassador. Aside from a hilariously awesome website and some of the best song titles I've seen in a long while, this dude lays down some funky synthesizer tunes. How can you beat a song title that references The Yaz? How can you beat this entry:

My peeps and I recently put some spinners on the wheels, but because of the vacuous nature of space, they wouldn’t spin, so we just returned them for some dope grillz and fish sticks. Occasionally we’ll drop this track into our MP3 player while scheming for some honeydips around Pluto.

I posted on instrumentals earlier here on Macktronic, and this definitely should have been included. Enjoy:

::: The Polish Ambassador - Where Have You Gone Carl Yastrzemski?
::: The Polish Ambassador - Infiltrating The UN
::: The Polish Ambassador - London Telecommunicating

MF Doom and this dude need to sit down and have a couple beers.

[Photo credit goes to giljimenez.]