Wednesday, July 19, 2006

RECAP: Top 10 EP's of the Recent Past

Ok, so the deal about the last week or so is that I've only been playing EP's. Not, it gets tiring to keep heading back to my CD player, but these things are killing me. Seems like there's been a rash of excellent (mostly debut) EP's hitting the floor these days. And, to top things off, all these bands have come to me through the interweb. Music blogs are the best, no? Anyhow, without further ado, I present a little list of my top EP's of recent past. Most of 'em have been released in the last year or so; most of 'em only cost about 5 bucks, so do yourself (and the bands) a favor and pick a couple up. Enjoy.

1. Cold War Kids - Up In Rags EP
Hospital beds is probably my favorite song right now, but the amazing thing is that every song on the EP is incredibly solid. I'm just impressed with these guys, in and out. From what I've been hearing, they held their own on the recent Tapes 'N Tapes tour (and some might say blew TNT off the stage). Wow.
::: Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds
::: Cold War Kids - Saint John
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2. Colour Revolt - s/t EP
I'm losing sleep at night trying to figure out how a sound like this comes out of Mississippi. It really makes no sense to me whatsoever. Again, just a super sold 6 song debut EP that blows my proverbial skirt up.
::: Colour Revolt - Matresses Underwater
::: Colour Revolt - A New Family (Remix) [original on EP]
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3. Tel Aviv - Lay Me Down EP
Check out the two songs below, which comes off Tel Aviv's debut (and home-made) EP. A sense of urgency I wouldn't normally associate with Little Rock comes through loud and clear. You can check out a couple more songs on their myspace page.
::: Tel Aviv - Black Marketeering
::: Tel Aviv - Sunburned LA
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4. Matt & Kim - to/from EP
First, download these songs. Second, listen to these songs. Third, imagine them playing live. In a kitchen. Now, head on over to YouTube and see for yourself. I said this earlier this week, but I just can't let it go.
::: Matt & Kim - Silver Tiles
::: Matt & Kim - Verbs Before Nouns
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5. Cold War Kids - With Our Wallets Full EP
What, two EP's on this list for Cold War Kids? Well, if it's good enough, why not? This one was recorded in November 2005 and is just a step behind the Up In Rags release.
::: Cold War Kids - Tell Me In The Morning
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6. Professor Murder - Professor Murder Rides The Subway EP
Just a blurry, jerky mess of beats and chants and hand claps and cowbells and everything that makes a song damn catchy. And it happens again and again on this EP. What's the story behind their name, though?
::: Professor Murder - Free Stress Test
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7. The Paper Hearts - Hard To Smile EP
A pretty drastic departure from a couple other groups on this list, but sometimes a good country song just feels so right. Leaning on the indie side of country, this crew out of the South plays their souls out on this beautiful EP.
::: The Paper Hearts - Hard To Smile
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8. Sunset Rubdown - s/t EP
It's a wreck, but a brilliant wreck.
::: Sunset Rubdown - A Day In The Graveyard II
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9. Arms - Shitty Little Disco EP
Fantastic songwriting skills, a knack for interesting composition, and some earnestness are all over this EP from Arms. If you're into this song, send'em an email from their website to get the rest of the album.
::: Arms - Tiger Tamer
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10. DeVotchKa - Curse Your Little Heart EP
Where in the world does this music come from? I love it.
::: DeVotchKa - The Last Beat Of My Heart
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BONUS. Wolf Parade - s/t EP
When this EP came out last year it blew my mind. Then, the full album came out, and it doubly blew my mind. Then, I saw them live at The Independent in SF, and was triply in trouble. I get it; these guys are good.
::: Wolf Parade - Shine a Light
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So those are the EP's that are spinning here at Macktronic. Got any others I should know about? I'm always looking for more..... let me know.

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[Photo credit goes to the extremely talented Kimicon.]