Monday, July 17, 2006

MUSIC: Apollo Sunshine

Another band that rocked my world at High Sierra Music Festival was Apollo Sunshine. Though outside the typical sound for the festival, they were able to win over a number of souls at their two shows over the weekend. With two albums under their proverbial belts, these Boston-area rockers are shaping their multi-instrumental, multi-faceted sound into one that calls out to many bands, but reminds me of (a more experimental) Tapes 'N Tapes. (One dude in the audience said they sounded like the Beatles, but I think his facilities were mightily impaired). Here are a couple tracks off their latest release, but their debut (Katonah) rocks just as well.

::: Apollo Sunshine - Lord (highly rec'd)
::: Apollo Sunshine - Phyliss (highly rec'd)
::: Apollo Sunshine - Magnolia

You can get another song from their myspace page (and listen to three more, if you so desire). Their albums are available from Insound, which is having a summer special. For 10% off any order, use the code "ilovesummer10" at checkout. For 15% off any order over 50 bucks, use the code "ilovesummer15". And, free shipping with orders over 30 bucks. So buy something.

[Photo credit goes to Lucille; super bonus points for the Interpol reference in the title. Can you guess it before looking?]