Sunday, January 21, 2007

SOLOS: Colin/Sebastien/Albert

Lots and lots of musicians doing the solo thing these days; some as a side project and some because their former band is kaput. However, in all cases, it gives us some new music that oftentimes shows a new twist on a familiar voice. Here are three songs that've been getting alot of playtime in my head of late.

The lead singer of the Decemberists always seems to release some good solo stuff. (I would, however, like to see him veer a little of the trodden path.) Remember the Morrissey covers tour-only CD? And the Shirley Collins one? Really good work. Here's a live solo track off of the excellent Yeti 3 compilation.

::: Colin Meloy - Every Day is Like Sunday (live) [ezArchive]
::: Colin Meloy - Every Day is Like Sunday (live) []

Me and everyone else in the blog-reading world is excited about the US release of Albert Hammond Jr's debut solo album called Yours To Keep. I'm a Strokes fan (is that out of style these days? I can't keep up.) so I'm a AHJ fan.

::: Albert Hammond Jr - Back to the 101 (alternate version) [ezArchive]
::: Albert Hammond Jr - Back to the 101 (alternate version) []

An album that rests comfortably in my top 10 of all time is DFA1979's Your a Woman, I'm a Machine. That break-up, although not totally surprising, resulted in a two-headed beat of MSTRKRFT and now Sebastien Grainger's new solo stuff. I have to admit that I've been listening to this for a while now but didn't want to share it. Now, due to Pitchfork writing about it, the whole plan is shot to hell.

::: Sebastien Grainger - When You Go Out [ezArchive]
::: Sebastien Grainger - When You Go Out []

(Side note: I hate the new forkcast thing, I liked the old single tracks reviews. Much much better than this new crap. And I'm actually a fan of Pitchfork! Bring back the arbitrary grades! Bring back introducing me to 4-star rap songs that I would never have heard previously! Maybe I'm just resistant to change.)

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