Wednesday, November 29, 2006

MUSIC: Bloc Party (Album Pre-Order News)

Earlier this month a preliminary version of Bloc Party's new album titled A Weekend In The City leaked to the internet. Overall, the buzz wasn't that loud and many were left wondering if the new album could hold a candle to Silent Alarm. I'll give them the benefit of doubt, seeing as it's still early and the tracks will probably receive lots more attention in the studio. Listen to the new track "The Prayer" over on Bloc Party's myspace page.

In related news, Insound has a pretty good pre-order deal going on for the new album. The first 1000 people to pre-order the album will receive a 7-inch single for "I Still Remember" with an unreleased b-side of "We Were Lovers!". (We love 45's here at macktronic). As an added bonus, you can get 10% off the pre-order price by entering the code "pushingfall06" at checkout.
Pre-order the new Bloc Party album here.

I also came across this fantastic remix over at Gang of Neon. I like the description they give: "Its simple and straight to the point the only thing that makes me shy from playing this is its super long and dramatic breakdown, which in LA (The city of short attention spans) wouldn’t fly over too good."

::: Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass (Blackstrobe Remix)

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