Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2nd CHANCE: Pharrell track Feat. Jay Z

Although Pharrell's first solo album (called In My Mind) was generally dogged, there are still some gems to be found. I for one, am a pretty big fan of Pharrell's ability to self-promote and think outside the box. He can go from pop (Britney) to rap (Slim Thug's album is pretty damn good), always tweaking his styles and approaches along the way. In the ultracompetitive world of producing, he's managed to hang around. Plus he comes off as really funny in interviews. My favorite track of In My Mind actually has two songs in it; the first, titled "Young Girl" features Jay Z, recalls the former collaboration of Frontin' while the second song "I Really Like You" shows his affinity for Michael Jackson. Take a listen, and buy the album.

::: Pharrell - Young Girl / I Really Like You (Feat. Jay Z) [ezArchive]
::: Pharrell - Young Girl / I Really Like You (Feat. Jay Z) [Box.net]

Buy Pharrell's new LP called In My Mind in either cd or lp format here.

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