Wednesday, May 23, 2007

MUSIC: Over the Hill

Got my hands on an interesting project put together by the folks over at Monofonus Press. It features the full-length debut CD for Over the Hill and an accompanying novella booklet by singer/songwriter Morgan Coy. The music lies somewhere in the americana vein, but it's got a little noise, a little edge, and I really like that. The tracks remind me of a local band out here (The Parish) and his voice reminds me alot of The Good Fear (an excellent band from Arkansas). I've got to say it's a really really good album and it commands full listens, as it's hard to pull out standout tracks since they're all really strong. Songwriting and instrumentation are incredibly solid.

The novella/booklet is a really hard read, although it's put together quite beautifully. Maybe it's because I had flashbacks to bad Beloved memories from high school (kind of obscure reference, sorry). Anyhow, since I can't pick favorites on this album, here are the two leading tracks which are more than enjoyable.

::: Over the Hill - Into the Desert
::: Over the Hill - Rabid

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