Friday, May 11, 2007

LES SAVY FAV: Best Band Ever

A monumental oversight in the operation of Macktronic is that approximatley 243 days have elapsed on the calender without a single track posting from Les Savy Fav, the best band in the world. With a new album on the much-anticipated horizon, it's only fitting that we lay down some of our favorites for the world to hear.

::: Les Savy Fav - Who Rocks The Party (f/ Cat & The Cobra)
::: Les Savy Fav - Our Coastal Hymn (f/ Inches)
::: Les Savy Fav - Hide Me From Next February (f/ Rome)

You can buy LSF albums over at Insound vor 10% off by using the secret code "SpringGoodness" at checkout.

[Les Savy Fav official website.]
[Les Savy Fav on myspace.]
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[Gold Robot Records on myspace.]
[Buy music from Insound.]
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[Photo credit goes to mecredis.]

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