Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MUSIC: PowerSolo

Ran across PowerSolo recently and the "Kat Nazer (Powersoul" track caught my ear. Then their press release cracked me up. Check it out:

Danish B-Movie punk-a-billy cats PowerSolo. It's Sick-o-billy roots, fucked up and hurt bad with tremolo-twisted echo and reverb dementia! Bullet-ridden Americana! Druggy angst and questionable mental health! Weirder and wilder… because it is from Denmark!

::: PowerSolo - Kat Nazer (Powersoul) [rec'd]
::: PowerSolo - Hillbilly Child
::: PowerSolo - Juanito

Their second album “It’s RACEDAY… And Your Pussy Is GUT!!” was released in the US April 24th on Crunchy Frog via Ryko.

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[Photo credit goes to rutabegabunny.]

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