Friday, April 20, 2007

MUSIC: (DJ) Copy

The most rewarding purchase I've made in the last couple of months has to by Copy's new album titled Hair Guitar out on Audio Dregs (Portland). It's full of crazy contagious beats; think Ratatat breeding with an 8-bit Nintendo plus a Red Bull. I ordered the LP and received a bonus CDR containing all the MP3's for Hair Guitar plus Copy's remixes of old Bone Thugs -n- Harmony Tracks. Coming on the heels of the ultra-successful Diva Mixtape series (if you haven't heard that, you should), we get another incredible set of tracks. This month's FADER magazine says: ".... I wouldn't be mad at Copy if he did about 50 more of these". Download the podcast and check out the new issue of FADER here.

Here are the opening tracks for the album and the remix CDR.

::: Copy - Fist
::: DJ Copy - Ecstacy (Bone Thugs Harmony -N- Copy Remix)

Do yourself a huge favor and order the CD or LP, both of which include the bonus CDR.

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