Tuesday, August 14, 2007

VINYL: Comanechi / PRE on Merok Records

There's a hot new single coming out on Merok Records on August 20th, it's a split 7" vinyl featuring tracks by Comanechi and PRE. Just some beautiful beautiful noise. Both bands on the limited edition (500) release feature the stylings of Akiko. Merok says:

"on one side you have comanechi. where she sings and plays drums while this guy simon plays heavy royal trux / doom metal guitar. the song's an angry, self-hating love song that sounds like if karen 'o or yoko ono sang for a heavy metal ramones / misfits group. on the other side is a pre song called 'popping showers' and it reminds us of an exotic be your own pet or if blonde redhead were actually still interesting."

Blonde Redhead (good-natured) blasphemy aside, this is a great release. And they've been kind enough to provide digital copies for the masses (along with some remixes you'll see all over the web before long). Enjoy.

::: Comanechi - Death of You
::: Comanechi - Death of You (Gentleman Drivers Remix)
::: PRE - Popping Showers

Buy the sweet sweet vinyl here.

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