Saturday, August 11, 2007

MUSIC: The Budos Band

My musical tastes often meander in different directions, and the new album by The Budos Band encompasses one of these forays outside the standard aural protocols. It's track after track of funk/jazz/afrobeat awesomeness. Check out these tracks, and pick up the album for yourself.

::: The Budos Band - Scorpion
::: The Budos Band - Chicago Falcon
::: The Budos Band - Budos Rising

Buy the new album here, in either CD or Vinyl formats.
You can also download it from eMusic as part of their 25 Free Downloads.
(This is certainly one of those albums where you want (need!) the whole thing, as the extended listening experience is much better than just a single track)
(Plus, we gotta support smaller acts like these guys, right?)

[Budos Band official website.]
[Budos Band on myspace.]
[Daptone Records official website.]

[Current Macktronic contest.]
[Download Music from eMusic; free 25 song free trial.]
[Buy music from Insound.]
[Find/Listen/Download music at The Hype Machine.]
[Photo credit goes to classy sparrow. That's the Scorpion Sub on the left, and if you've seen the cover of the new Budos Band album, then you'll know the connection.]

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