Monday, July 23, 2007

MUSIC: Kosovo

Ran across this band recently and immediately grabbed onto the songs. Comforting electro-pop tracks, easy-to-digest, and beautiful. Here's their bio:

Formed in early 2006, Kosovo is a 3-piece outfit from Austin, TX who combine live instrumentation with electronic production techniques to create hybrid, genre-defying downtempo with a strong pop sensibility. With influences that range from ambient and electro to all flavors of modern electronica, their organic-yet-restrained sound makes you wonder where the man ends and the machine begins. Their instrumental Pascal EP will be self-released in 2007, while they continue recording their debut LP.

Here's some sample tracks for your enjoyment.

::: Kosovo - A Terraformed Existence
::: Kosovo - Milk of Magnesia

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[Photo credit goes to dwaoka.]

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