Sunday, August 12, 2007

MUSIC: All Teeth And Knuckles

Here's a band that I just caught onto recently, even though they're from my backyard. Catchy electro-dance tracks (and brilliant titles) abound in the new release titled Club Hits To Hit The Clubs With. I loved DeliSF's summary:

"If you left the bar at 1:30 AM on a Saturday, then went out dancing to three different house parties, then took a bump of coke around 3 so you could stay up and fuck until sunrise, then woke up the next day and still had twenty bucks in your pocket, then recorded the soundtrack for that experience you would roughly have ATAK's Club Hits To Hit The Clubs With."

Here are some tracks off that album.

::: All Teeth And Knuckles - Let's Undress and Listen to CSS
::: All Teeth And Knuckles - Look So Good

Buy the album here.

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[All Teeth and Knuckles official website.]
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[Photo credit goes to Ferdinandesu.]

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