Tuesday, March 13, 2007

REVISIT: Ladybird

Another artist that I've received emails about of late is Ladybird. I posted on her a while back and I'm still into her tracks. She was kind enough to provide un-reduced bit rate files (as opposed to the myspace ones I had earlier), so I thought you might be interested in them as well. If you haven't heard her stuff before, you should definitely check these out. It's the bastard love child of CSS and a robot.

::: Ladybird - Transmitive Carriers
::: Ladybird - C Unseen Sea
::: Ladybird - Cold Switch

When these tracks load on my computer, it says they're from an album called Lovers Give Better Head, but I can't seem to find much on that. We can only wish that a whole album existed.

[Ladybird on myspace.]
[Current Macktronic contest (Free Stuff!)]
[Gold Robot Records on myspace.]
[Buy music from Insound.]
[Find/Listen/Download music at The Hype Machine.]
[This photo comes from Ladybird's myspace page, and it's a photo of a polaroid which fits with the current aesthetic around here.]

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