Tuesday, March 06, 2007

MUSIC: The Attachments

Don't know what it is about March, but I keep finding out about excellent local bands. Here we have The Attachments out of Berkeley and their unique brand indie pop. Sounds like Weezer had a love child on the beach with one of The Beatles. Here's a song off their latest release.

::: The Attachments - Karla-la

You can buy their debut EP over on the myspace page.
(What's up with all the girl-titled songs?)

[The Attachments on myspace.]
[Gold Robot Records on myspace.]
[Buy music from Insound.]
[Find/Listen/Download music at The Hype Machine.]
[Photo credit goes to honeycut07; the title of this photo is "your ironic belt is so stupid" which i think is more than awesome.]

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