Sunday, February 11, 2007

LAUNCH: Gold Robot Records

So there's been some changes around here at Macktronic. The focus and design have slowly been evolving, and probably will continue to do so throughout the history of this project. One offshoot of the endeavor is that I've decided to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and start a record label...... Gold Robot Records. The focus of GRR is small run vinyl releases with a focus on independent musicians, artists, printmakers, and designers. It's a non-profit project, with all proceeds going to the making of the next release.

We've got two 7 inch releases this month. GRR001 is by Oakland's Roman Ruins, an electro/pop/rock artist that crafts intricate and powerful songs. GRR002 features Portland's Panther and all of his dance/funk talent. Both musicians are extremely talented with full-length releases on other labels in the works. Check out the A-side tracks here, and buy an album afterwords.

::: Roman Ruins - Releasing Me [from GRR001]
::: Panther - How Well Can You Swim [from GRR002]

Order a seven inch of both artists, support the creative folks who make independent music, and spread the word.

For those of you in the Bay Area, we've got a launch party for GRR001 on Friday Feb 16 at Space Gallery in San Francisco. Music sets by Roman Ruins, Jones + Height (Baltimore), and The Parish (Oakland) plus many local artists including Rhea Fontaine, Marlon Ingram, Bruk Dunbar, Andrew Venell, Hunter Mack, Kerri Johnson, and Jason Byers. Music starts at 10PM.

Panther is dropping his full-length album on Fryk Beat in early March, titled Secret Lawns. Roman Ruins debut full-length is due out later this year on Daly City Records. Hear more music from both artists on their myspace sites linked below, and be GRR's friend as well.

[Gold Robot Records official website.]
[Gold Robot Records on myspace.]
[Roman Ruins on myspace.]
[Panther on myspace.]
[Find/Listen/Download music at The Hype Machine.]
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