Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MUSIC: Ollie Byrd

Ollie Byrd is an interesting and totally random myspace music find by Macktronic. More appropriately, he found me and I actually liked his stuff (which is contrary to the normal trend). This Brooklyn musician/band has music that plays like a more urgent version of Cody ChestnuTT's album that came out a couple years ago..... unpolished, noisy, and excellent. Not alot of info on his myspace page and not alot of blogger noise out there, but I imagine this won't last for too long. Take a listen.

::: Ollie Byrd - Couple Skate [removed]
::: Ollie Byrd - Electricity [removed]
::: Ollie Byrd - Arrives A Girl [removed]
::: Ollie Byrd - Going To California [removed]

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[Photo credit goes to the extremely talented grandylion; every one of her shots blow my mind.]