Saturday, October 07, 2006

ART: Oakland/SF Scene Odds/Ends

The Oakland Art Murmur event has gotten alot of press lately around the Bay (even a little here on Macktronic). Despite the arguments surrounding such an event, highlighted in an interesting East Bay Express article (taken with a grain of salt), I love the fact that folks are making galleries that represent and feature art outside of what is considered "traditional". Bay Area blog Beer And Rap even weighed in on the subject.
[Oakland Art Murmur home]
[East Bay Express article]
[Beer And Rap post]

An artist I've been enjoying over the last number of months is John Casey. His drawings see above picture) and sculptures feature some interesting figures (monsters, perhaps). For me, the emotions and feelings that come from such horrifying (yet somehow consoling) subjects is just fantastic.
[John Casey website]
[John Casey blog]
[Archived macktronic post]

A great overview/intro to new/young/underground artists in the Bay Area can be found over at the Arthead SF blog. They get artists to write about one of their pieces (chosen by the artists) and it covers all types of mediums. Really great work, interesting discussion on modern art, and a glimpse into the scene.
[Arthead SF blog]

[Photo credit goes to mildred; it's a John Casey piece as mentioned above. Her flickr page has lots of fun SF/Bay art shots.]