Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ADVANCE: Ratatat / Wolf Parade (New Tracks)

Couple of great new tracks finding their way online recently from bands with highly anticipated releases in the pipeline. Ratatat's "Shiller" is the a-side on a new 7-inch; interesting track, a little more passive than their previous stuff. Wolf Parade's "Language City" is typically stellar and further proof that their new LP will we quite strong. Overall, I think their track ordering on their releases has been brilliant, playing off the dual lead vocalists. So, I'm looking forward to hearing how At Mount Zoomer ends up in the end.

::: Ratatat - Shiller
Pre-order LP3 (out July 8th)
(thanks GvB for this one)

::: Wolf Parade - Language City
Pre-order At Mount Zoomer (out on June 17th)

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[Photo credit goes to mizzfonky.]

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